“Project Power”

I hinted in the my last update that I’m going to participate in a little powerlifting project in the near future but I didn’t really tell you what it was about. Since I’ve got some spare time at the moment I thought I’d fill you in a little on the details about this project.

It’s called Project Power and it’s arranged by a well renowned swedish elite powerlifter called Patrik Andersson. He made an inquiry on a swedish training forum called Kolozzeum to see if there was an interest among the users to participate in a powerlifting oriented training project. The inquiry got a lot of positive response and among over a hundred interested users 25 were chosen to participate. I had the privilege to be among those 25 users and now we’re waiting with anticipation for the project to start for real.

We’ve received some information on how the project will be designed but to my knowledge  a lot of the details are still unclear. The time span of the project will be over a period of eight to ten weeks, three workouts per week. Every workout is oriented around the three elements of powerlifting (Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift) or different variations of these lifts and four different assistance exercises. It’s a high volume and high frequency program (wich in this case means that there’s a high total amount of weight moved every workout and every exercise (or a variation of the exercise) will be performed three times a week. Somewhere around 40 sets per workout (including warm-up sets) will be performed.

Every participant will receive a personalized program at the beginning of every week and Patrik will be available for questions and coaching via e-mail. I believe that participants will also send videos of them performing the different lifts and Patrik will review and give advice on how to improve the technical aspects of the lifts.

As you can see I have a couple of heavy months ahead of me, but I think it’s going to be very fun and educational. I’m definitely very exited and motivated to participate in this project.

Here’s a video of Patrik Andersson Deadlifting 375 kgs (825 lbs):

…and that’s how it’s done!


This project is also the reason why I haven’t posted any of my workouts on the blog yet. I thought I might as well wait until the project starts and then start to document all my training from then on. I still document every workout in my training journal on Kolozzeum so if you’re interested you can check it out here.

Since I’m on a diet to lose a couple of kgs I haven’t been breaking that many personal records lately but yesterday I actually managed to pull of a “reps-PR” (the most weight lifted on that repetition interval). I pulled 6x155kg (341 lbs) i the deadlift. I’m fairly satisfied but i can feel it in my back, glutes and legs today. (the fact that I followed up the deadlift record with 5 sets at 10 reps of squatting 70 kgs/154 lbs could have something to do with that as well.) 


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